Auditors, STIGs, Compliance and the Mainframe: What Does it Mean?

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Recorded On: 08/22/2022

Often, auditors do not have a mainframe background and may not have an understanding of mainframe terminology, such as APF, SYS1.PARMLIB, ESM, LINKLIST, USS, etc. Where should auditors, compliance teams, and Mainframe cybersecurity teams start when auditing the mainframe? Where do STIGs (Security Technical Implementation Guides) fit into the picture? What does compliance within the mainframe environment mean? Do standards exist for auditors and compliance teams to validate for the z/OS Mainframe? What is the value for the organization to adopt mainframe cybersecurity standards? In this session, we will discuss these important questions.

Speakers: Steve Hosie (Cybersecurity Executive Advisor | Cybersecurity Evangelist), Broadcom